I don mean anything about op

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Sorry for the novella but any advice would be much appreciated You should definitely cut back on classes, and start getting some of that stress out so that you can focus on your mental health for a little. I do know, though, that sometimes people drop out of college with the intention of coming back later, and they never do. I’d suggest cutting it down to one class that is either easy or that you think you’ll have the motivation to do the work for.

Canada Goose sale If they all contaminated then yes, toss them. Don open them inside lest you spread spores around your place, increasing risk of contamination in future grows. You can spread them out, but I imagine it won make much of a difference. Breaking half the game this much then changing shit that make it worse makes me not care for the tiny bullshit they may implement into pve. Wow, a few more named enemies. Maybe fix the shit that tens of thousands are complaining about instead of adding a smidgen more and then claiming it our fault for not playing it how you would play it.. Canada Goose sale

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