8 points submitted 1 month agoI borrowed it from someone just

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replica bags from china Brown said she struggled with the case, partly because she’s unfamiliar with this particular criminal conduct what she called “this dark secret” that’s more common in the restaurant industry, which thrives on immigrant labor.Despite a prosecutor’s characterization that Paul Jumroon “carefully orchestrated” a forced labor scheme, the judge said she didn’t believe his actions were premeditated but the result of Jumroon’s “ignorance of the United States laws” and his drive to succeed economically.The government sought a three year and 10 month sentence, partly to send a strong message to other small business owners that they can’t take advantage of their employees. Paul Jumroon’s defense lawyer urged probation or home detention.”What he already endured is significant,” defense lawyer Kristen Winemiller said, noting he sold his two businesses and his home. “This has been a very shaming and humbling experience.”After cooks kept leaving the restaurants to work elsewhere, Paul Jumroon traveled to his native Thailand multiple times between 2011 and 2014 to recruit chefs to come to the United States to work for him replica bags from china.

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