The TommyXZendaya spring 2019 collection dubbed in Paris has

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Hermes Kelly Replica In Paris this time, the latest occasion hermes oran replica uk was to launch Hilfiger see now buy now collection with Zendaya, dubbed TommyXZendaya.Saturday Night Fever! Winnie Harlow wearing TommyXZendaya. Picture: APSource:APThe design duo enlisted model of the moment Winnie Harlow, 24, a favourite of the brand who is continuing her runway reign after strutting for Victoria Secret.She led a cast of ethnically and age diverse models including McQueen muse Debra Shaw, 42, in what was described as an cross generational cast by Women Wear Daily.Disco icon Grace Jones made a catwalk cameo, dancing to her own song Pull Up to The Bumper, and the presentation ended with a sea of women wearing matching denim and tees, singing We Are Family.Taking a bow! Tommy Hilfiger, left, and Zendaya walked out to We Are Family to end their Paris show. Picture: AP Photo/Michel EulerSource:APEarlier, Tommy Hilfiger red, blue and white striped runway had featured berry coloured leather trench coats, replica hermes wallet preppy striped tees a staple of the Tommy brand along with flared jeans with button flies, and Charlie Angels style shirts with gold collars.The TommyXZendaya spring 2019 collection dubbed in Paris has received praise from the style world, with American Vogue noting Hilfiger and Zendaya collaboration was a to real way win range was inspired by the 1973 Battle of Versailles where a generation of supermodels brought American sportswear to the European runway Hilfiger said in a statement.Leather trenches are trending, FYI, as seen on Debra Shaw. Hermes Kelly Replica

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