Petunia Pickle Bottom is a neat company that is breaking

traveling with kids

“Smart practical” just about sums it up for the Sam Bellie Lolly Chalkmats. The idea of a travel placemat that has a fun design on one side and a chalkboard on the other sends fleeting thoughts of “why didn I think of that?” and “I wish I had known about this sooner” as where do uk canada geese go in winter I count the numerous times we sat in a restaurant drawing on napkins and crumpled receipts from my purse. It a brilliant idea and the designs are lovely! And you want to know the best thing? They PVC free, BPA free and free of harmful metals. Sam Bellie manufacture their products in

Canada Goose Jackets an environmentally friendly way canada goose shop regent street and choose materials that are good for Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale I hope you all had a great weekend. We had fantastic autumn weather and I had the girls on a crafting binge all weekend. We also received our custom stamp and I upload pictures as soon as I recharge my camera. I wish you could have seen Bean face when I gave it to her. She was so canada goose outlet enamored with the idea of taking one of her drawings and turning into a stamp and actually asked if we could sell it to our friends, J H, because I think she sees me selling my artwork and it something she wants to do too. Very cute. canada goose coats on sale

Anyhow, can we talk about Crayon Rocks? They could almost be the “perfect” gift. The rainbow of colors first grab your attention but the rounded pebble shape is what makes them truly unique and tempting to pick up and play with. Created by a special needs teacher to aid with proper gripping

techniques, crayon rocks are designed to

canada goose strengthen the tripod grip muscles which makes them perfect for canada goose

Canada Goose online children with motor disabilities, as well as for every day, fun activities. They eco friendly, made of soy wax and tinted with natural Canada Goose online

mineral powders, so like me, canadian goose coat black friday you may want to buy a few for stocking stuffers and birthday presents.

uk canada goose Choosing a diaper bag these days is not a simple process. Women are multi tasking, working and playing and need something that can easily convert to any scenario. Petunia Pickle Bottom is a neat company that is breaking canada goose outlet nyc out of the traditional diaper bag mold and creating very functional, hip and pretty diaper bags canada goose fleece uk disguised as beautiful backpacks, satchels and clutches. I stunned that they were able to design a tiny clutch that fits a changing pad, baby wipes, diapers, wipes and has a fantastic variety of prints to choose from. uk canada goose

canada goose factory sale We’re in the midst of a car seat conflict with Ms. Bean. She’s 6 and has a standard booster seat with a back. She detests how the seat belt hits her across the chest. The only solution is to get a booster seat without the back. Fine. The brilliant company, Clek, who designed the Cleck canada goose outlet us Olli seat has also come up canada goose outlet store uk with the Cleck Oto. A booster seat that doesn’t look like it’s “for babies” it’s a bit more incognito and the best part, in my opinion, is it’s ability to click into the LATCH system (lower anchors canada goose factory sale

uk canada goose outlet and tethers for children). All cars built after 2002 were required to have a LATCH system. This means that the Olli and Oto booster seats can be securely attached (click) to the car seat so it’s much safer and stable in case of an accident. I’m sold! uk canada goose outlet

When I first laid my eyes on these handmade litter bags by Allyson Hill, I was thrilled! Of course there should be a pretty litter bag in my car since it seems that there is always a bottle cap, a cracker, a wrapper or chewing gum that needs to be discarded. I usually stuff it in the cup holder or a temporarily convenient spot until I get home. The patterns are all fabulous and you can buy a roll of biodegradable replacement baggies from Bitsy Blossoms as well, otherwise they fit a standard produce or pet bag. These would make a great gift as well.

canada goose uk black friday For some reason, this made such a huge impression on me months ago that I still think about getting one for myself. Mind you, this bag is intended to be used for anglers (fishermen) on a boat so that crucial supplies won’t get wet but our friends used it on a day trip to Portland fully stocked with baby’s essentials. A bigger and more functional diaper bag of sorts. This bag is completely water proof! Inside, it has adjustable foam dividers that can be configured to any formation and removable end pockets to keep track of small things. It’s perfect for keeping those crucial items neatly organized in the car for those frequent emergencies. canada goose uk black friday

I’ve been meaning to write about the Woobee all weather blanket for about a month now. It deserves a little limelight! Woobee is a Seattle based business that was inspired by Heather Correa after the birth of her first daughter.

Canada Goose Outlet So, allow me to break this very practical blanket down: one side is made of a unique, velvety soft material and the other side is made of a durable water resistant nylon fabric that acts as a protective barrier from the elements (hello, rain!). The other detail that makes these more than just a blanket are the ties that allow you to tie it to your baby carrier, stroller, or car seat. I got to see the Woobee in action while on a trip to Portland with our friends and their newborn on a particularly rainy day. Baby M’s momma tied the Woobee to her Baby Bjorn, flipped the blanket over Baby M’s tiny head and kept him perfectly protected from the rain that was the moment I was sold! Woobee also just introduced the Super Woobee (30″x 36″) that would be ideal for picnics no more wet bottoms! Canada Goose Outlet

I’ve got to rave about the Phil Ted’s Me Too chair for a second. Every time I take this chair to a public place, someone will inevitably ask me what it’s called. The Me Too folds flat, attaches easily to all of the tables that we’ve come across so far and it just looks impressive. It makes a great gift too. Love it!

Canada Goose sale The Kiddopotamus TinyDiner is an essential addition with the Me Too chair. It’s a rubber mat that suctions to most surfaces and canada goose online uk fake has a Canada Goose Jackets gutter to catch dropped food. It came in handy a couple of times in Kauai when we dined at some rather “rustic” tables. It’s convenient to have when you’re at a restaurant so you don’t have to scatter nibbles directly on the table and leave a huge mess. I just throw ours in the dishwasher to give it a good cleaning. Canada Goose sale

While on the subject of the brilliant Phil Ted company, we bought the t2 Travel Cot before our trip as our “crib” for the Mini. Obviously, it was a gamble since she had never tried anything like it before. The first night I popped her in it for bed time, she mustered up a little fight until I (get this) managed to squeeze myself inside for a few minutes to make her feel like it wasn’t a scary place. In retrospect, I should have employed Ms. Bean for this job. Anyhow, after that night, the t2 was our savior! The Mini managed to love her evenings in the t2 and canada goose outlet store literally had 3 nights where she slept through the night. I’m not sure if that was due to a full day at the beach or the comfy cot but, all I have to say is that I’m thrilled to own it and highly recommend it for travel.

Finally, this one goes for Ms. Bean (who is 5) but I consider it highly essential: our DVD player or iPod for the airplane ride. We alternated between a.

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