NerdyGirlsRock is Monica passion project that speaks to

Had a mandatory class exactly like this, Personal Financial Literacy. Was pretty cool Cheap Jerseys china1, and while I was familiar with most of the material beforehand (I took it as a senior, had a few years of working a job and stuff under my belt), it certainly ironed out the finer points and made everything understandable and gave me a good base for my future financial decisions in day to day life. And this was in Bixby High School, a public high school in a rural town in “the worst education state in the nation” Oklahoma.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Monica Stockhausen passion for socio economic issues coupled with nine years of non profit experience led her to accept an appointment to faculty at Long Island Business Institute in New York City. NerdyGirlsRock is Monica passion project that speaks to closing the gender pay gap. She created an online resource and community designed to inspire and empower intellectual women to be confident, skillful and economically independent. Cheap Jerseys from china

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