He told me I needed to accept him and not be ashamed of him

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canada goose My boyfriend broke up with me and told me its because I a horrible person for not accepting canada goose outlet nyc him. He on reddit more than me (first time posting, hi) so he will definitely see this. canada goose

To keep the story very short: I met him a year ago he was my first real boyfriend (I f/late 20s) and told me around our 5th date that he had recently started becoming a furry. Wasn a dealbreaker for me and I really liked him, so we continued dating.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale He started getting more deeply into it, bought two really scary fursuits for 5400 (glow in the dark eyes, jesus), asked me to have sex in the suits. Again, I accepted. Personally, I not into this whole thing at all but he was and I canada goose victoria parka uk liked him, so it was all okay on my front. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose clearance sale Around our 6 month anniversary, he started to wear the fursuit pretty much all the time apart from work. That started annoying me because it was summer and super hot and more often than not I would end up having to sleep on the sofa because it got so hot in his bed. He got really upset about it and told me he needed me to buy a fursuit as well so we could be I declined (honestly, at that point it was mostly because I didn have the money I probably would have done it for him if he pestered my long enough). canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store Our relationship got worse but then my friend from back home asked me and a whole bunch of friends to dinner since she recently had a baby. BF was obviously invited. canada goose store

He wanted to go in the fursuit and I told canada goose uk phone number him no. He told me I needed to accept him and not be ashamed of him and I told him that we had agreed he could do whatever he wanted in his or my apartment but not during meetings with my family and friends because most of them wouldn get it and I especially didn want to have to explain to my grannie and older relatives.

He accused me of not accepting him, of being an intolerant and racist for not accomodating him and getting a fursuit on my own etcetc. and then broke up with me. He been guilt tripping me on social media and amonst our friends ever since and has made me feel horrible bc of this. The first few months afterwards I was honestly really freaking broken up about it and it only been recently that I been getting angry instead.

cheap Canada Goose EDIT: I very overwhelmed by the responses, thank you to everyone who had something nice to say and made me feel better about the situation. Many of the comments gave me a lot to think about and I glad to know that people don think I was acting horribly. Thanks again :) cheap Canada Goose

EDIT2: An acquaintence let me know that he read this and isn happy.

Let’s take it for granted that furriness is normal

No. And it kills me to say it, because I thought I was open to pretty much anything between consenting adults, but this is just a bunch of canada goose factory outlet vancouver immature children who refuse to grow up, and are pretending to be their own stuffed animals. They’re total attention whores. It’s so fucking obnoxious for them to try to normalize it, and for guys like OP’s ex boyfriend to act like she’s a bigot or racist (fucking “racist,” really? What race is a rabbit?) for insisting on normalcy in public, for not wanting to be embarrassed by his idiotic, attention whoring games.

And the guys always insist they’re wolves. Every one of these pathetic children thinks he’s a canada goose gilet uk sale brave loner, with the spirit of a wild animal raging beneath his work shirt and slacks, which they make a point of wearing only canada goose clothing uk under protest and with claims of great discomfort to their desperately restricted souls.

canadian goose jacket You never see a furry insisting he’s a mole rat or a tree shrew. They’ve canada goose coats uk always got to be something strong and dramatic and poetic. Above all, what they really seem to want is attention and to have someone tell them they’re stupid so they have a reason to feel picked on while being the center of attention. They talk about alphas and fighting for dominance and stuff, but that not actually how wolves work. Those old behavioral models were based on studies of captive wolves, and even then canada goose retailers uk were somewhat flawed. When not forced to live in tiny artificial enclosures with a bunch of random other wolves, real wolves tend to live in cooperative family units. The alpha male and female are the parents, and they don have to fight for dominance because their juvenile offspring just naturally look up to them. Even when they run into other wolves they tend not to fight, since most packs in a given territory are related so they work together canadian goose jacket.

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