It is now up to the governor and Legislature to put the Next

This town is made for walking, laid out so pedestrians can make their way from beach to downtown at a leisurely stroll. Walking is the preferred. (You’re humming that old Southern tune right now, aren’t you?) The.. I mean, he used to not get an impale off of a parry. Can you imagine that?If I not forgetting anything, this is the single time LB has been buffed and he stayed this way for nearly 2 years now. Over 2 years by the time his rework comes along.I find it funny how in the first few months of this games life, heroes were actually buffed/nerfed on a regular basis.

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(and for everyone who never seen the great lakes, they look identical to an ocean. They of course are generally calmer than the ocean, but you cannot see across. Honestly the only difference when I went to swim in the ocean (in the gulf of Mexico) was that the ocean was warmer, and there was salt, which was annoying!).

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