In 1997 Flarend and coll injected rabbits via the IM route

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Kinetics of vaccine associated aluminium in animals. Extrapolation to humans. In 1997 Flarend and coll injected rabbits via the IM route with 0.85 mg of either A26 labeled aluminium hydroxide or aluminium phosphate. One day, the pain is like nothing I can describe. The doctors came in and started showing my parents the scans and discussing the emergency surgery they were about to perform. After leaving the room, I stood up, pointed at my parents and grinned, “TOLD YOU, this is for all those mornings I told you I didn feel good and canada goose outlet michigan you told me to just get moving!” Ha vindicated.

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Teague is convinced the bearded man is King David. “David, the shepherd king, allowed the Arc of the Covenant to be taken to Ethiopia. In ancient times they took it on a boat in Ethiopia, around the Gulf of Mexico to the Mississippi River, and buried it in the Hall of Records in the Missouri Mystery Mound..

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