Mr Porter said: worker shortages within my own sector of

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canada goose coats NFU Scotland has strongly refuted this proposal as an arbitrary threshold with little or no basis in the reality of employment patterns within Scottish agriculture or food and drink processing.Addressing the Immigration Bill directly, he also set out the cheap canada goose new york union’s opposition to ending free movement of people between the UK and EU and outlined that any new visa system must be based on labour market need rather than arbitrary targets based on supposed levels of skill or wage thresholds.Mr Porter said: worker shortages within my own sector of horticulture have been well documented.horticulture and canada goose outlet store winnipeg across the whole agricultural industry we rely on non UK nationals to undertake manually skilled work on both a seasonal and a permanent basis. The UK Government’s own Migration Advisory Committee has recognised that these gaps cannot be filled by workers from the UK.Scotland is very concerned about the obstructive position of canada goose outlet florida the UK Government towards immigration and is lobbying hard to ensure any new system realistically and reasonably allows nationals from inside and outside the EU to take up posts where we have gaps in our labour market. The system must be needs driven; not ‘skills’ driven.Scottish agriculture, we have an attractive offering to prospective employees for well paid and well regulated work, with opportunities to upskill and progress canada goose coats.

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