If a police officer is told there is an active shooter

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I said this at the time, but I think the only reason why this case is compelling 20 years after the fact is because both Syed and Wilds are not being fully honest about what happened that day, and that creates a sense of there being an unresolved sense of mystery about the case. Wilds is lying about the extent of his involvement. Based on everything I have read, I would be canada goose black friday canada confident that Wilds was involved in the planning, murder and disposal.

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Every day in the US you have the potential of being shot. I guess every American is a hero by default if we go by your definition. If a police officer is told there is an active shooter, they are obligated to face that shooter. The original story I heard was that he stabbed a 19 year old black man outside our high school, after school hours. He was white, and although he had made racist jokes in the past, there was no malice behind it, and he was a very sweet kid. A few days later, he was released from police custody and there was an outdoor from the local black community about how he was getting away with murder.

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