In those temps and if you bringing food that inedible unless it

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If it is walk in, I advise getting there as early as you can after they open to avoid a long wait. Also, since many things won show up right away, plan to go back in a few months for another test. I used to go once a year just to get tested. Seems like a pretty solid kit for the conditions.Is the canada goose uk distributor Helium II adequate for Spring rainstorms in WA? Maybe it is, idk, I only have a rough impression that it more of a summer piece for occasional light rain but maybe I wrong.You might be able to get away with a much smaller battery bank. I always bring a small bank for just in case but rarely need to use it at all on 2 day trips, and only a bit on 3 day trips.Will you need the bug protection that early in the season?You could consider going with 3oz windpants instead of those OR pants, which would be lighter every time you lift your legs and dry faster which could be nice in those low temps.In those temps and if you bringing food that inedible unless it cooked, I would want to bring a more reliable stove like the 2.52oz Soto Amicus for example. I heard of BRS stoves working great for many trips and then suddenly crapping out for inexplicable reasons.

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