Disney is fundamentally a media company

The 12 Brand Archetypes

We all want a loyal following. We’re constantly looking for that magical marketing plan that will connect us to our audience and make our product an irreplaceable part of their life. What we don’t often realize is that connections are relationships. If you aren’t clear about who you are, no one is going to be interested in you. It’s critical you understand who your brand is, and how you should be starting a relationship with your customers.

There are 12 basic identities or archetypes a brand can assume. Below, I’ve broken down all 12 to help you understand where you belong:

The magician archetype is all about vision. Magician brands https://www.rheingoenheim-info.de don’t build you a better toothbrush or help you keep your house clean, they bring your wildest dreams to life. What they offer is a grand experience no one else could achieve. A magician is so in tune with the fundamentals of the universe that they can canada goose outlet create the impossible.

cheap canada goose uk Disney is the perfect magician. Disney is fundamentally a media company, but they are unlike any other. Imagine another brand that could build a “Magic Kingdom” or a “Disney World.” cheap canada goose uk

2. The SAGE is always seeking the truth

Canada Goose Coats On Sale To a sage, wisdom is the key to success. Everything else is secondary canada goose offers uk to the pursuit of knowledge. A sage brand might not feel warm and cuddly. They don’t enrapture you in a fantastic world canada goose black friday deals uk like Disney. Instead, a sage commands your respect by showing their brilliance. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose coats on sale Harvard University is a sage. They are one of the most revered universities in the world. canada goose on sale for black friday Boasting an alumni list that includes eight US presidents, 21 Nobel laureates, and Mark Zuckerberg (sort of), Harvard’s brand is all about being the smartest. canada goose coats on sale

3. The INNOCENT just wants to be happy

The innocent belongs in paradise. Everyone is free, virtuous, and happy in an innocent’s world. An innocent brand will never guilt you with an ad or go over the top to convince you. Instead, an innocent brand will charm you with something much more powerful: Nostalgia.

Orville Redenbacher is the prototypical innocent archetype. They sell you a childhood treat, popcorn, and their mascot is a grandpa who hasn’t stopped having fun since bowties were a thing unironically.

4. The OUTLAW wants revolution

uk canada goose The outlaw isn’t afraid. Outlaw brands control their own life without regard for the status quo. Where the innocent archetype touches the part of you that loved snack time in kindergarten, the outlaw canada goose outlet us archetype appeals to the part of you that cut classes in canada goose leeds uk high school. uk canada goose

Building a cult following like Apple is the ultimate goal of an outlaw brand. Remember those old iPod commercials where monochrome people had the best times of their lives dancing? That ad doesn’t tell you to stand in a crowd or go to a concert. Did people wait in line for hours when the Galaxy S7 was released? No, is the answer.

5. The JESTER lives in the moment

canada goose coats The jester is all about having fun. Jester Canada Goose Coats On Sale brands might not be curing illnesses, but they’re making your day better. Humor, silliness, even nonsense are all in a jester’s toolkit. The goal of canada goose factory outlet montreal a jester brand is to make you smile with light hearted fun. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Jackets The Old Spice Man is one of my all time favorite ad campaigns, and the perfect example of a jester archetype. Some guys react well to hyper masculine branding. Other guys don’t. By making a joke out of these super manly brands, Old Spice gets to appeal to both sides. Canada Goose Jackets

6. The LOVER wants to make you theirs

Passion, pleasure, and sensuality are the lover’s keywords.

Think of Godiva Chocolate ads. Do they ever make you think about your health, your finances, or your future? No. Godiva seduces you. It shows off its richness and creaminess. It invites you to take part in life’s greatest indulgence: Chocolate.

7. The EXPLORER wants to break free

uk canada goose outlet Freedom is all an explorer cares about. Where other brands might try to help you build a home, explorer brands want to get you outside. With this in mind, it makes sense that many outdoor brands are natural fits for the explorer archetype. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose factory sale Subaru is the classic explorer brand. Subaru lets you decide where you’re going, no matter the circumstance. You’re free. canada goose factory sale

8. The RULER wants absolute power

Luxury and exclusivity are what the ruler is all about. A ruler brand is a gatekeeper. If a customer buys from them, they get to belong to the elite. Being perceived as high quality and expensive is critical for a ruler brand. Jewelry and high end vehicles are natural fits for the ruler archetype.

Do you buy a Mercedes Benz because of its crash test rating? What about its gas mileage? Its heated seats? No. You buy a Mercedes Benz because you can afford to, and most other people can’t. Whenever you park your car, people will understand your status without you saying a word. That quietly understood value is what a ruler brand sells.

9. The CAREGIVER wants to nurture you

Canada Goose online The caregiver is benevolent. They want to be there for you and the people you love. Caregiver brands are all about warmth and trust. You can depend on them when it comes to your children. It’s rare to see a caregiver brand run an ad that takes a shot at their competition. They are the opposite of canada goose outlet confrontational. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet Johnson Johnson’s tagline canada goose outlet sale line is “Johnson Johnson: A Family Company.” You can’t get more committed to families than that. A Johnson Johnson ad always focuses on how their products help you take care canada goose outlet store uk of your children. How their products build families. This is bread and butter for the caregiver archetype Canada Goose Outlet.

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