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Then, one day while I was playing Destiny 2 on Xbox with him and 2 other friends, he said he was going to OD his sleeping pills, and he said goodbye. My two other friends had the same reaction I did, we kept on screaming through the mic trying to talk him canada goose on sale for black friday out of it. Then he came back and said he can’t find his pills.

I decided that was too close and I told uk canada goose my mom, canada goose lodge uk who reached out to my friends mom. canada goose repair uk I told her because I decided that there’s really no reason to punish him, and even if he did, it’s better than him killing himself.

canada goose uk outlet The next day at school, he told me he was grounded for “having depression”. I immediately thought “Thats dumb”. Then friend 1 came up to me and called me a snitch, in which I replied “He was going to KILL HIMSELF, and how am I canada goose parka outlet supposed to know he was gonna be punished?” canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose sale Then I got back on Xbox with friend 2 who said “You really shouldn’t have told her.” I replied the same I did with friend canada goose womens outlet 1. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk shop Fast forward to today where I had just thought of this: he could have been joking. In which that case I want to know if I should have told my mom that my friend was going to kill himself or not. AITA? canada goose uk shop

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canada goose Throwaway for obvious reasons, then again almost all my accounts are. Anyway the point is, I make fake posts on reddit for the fun of it and out of boredom. I make up characters, stories, ect. A lot of them get pretty popular and they are even some of the top posts on places like r/tifu r/confession r/relationship_advice and even here. The way I look at it I being entertained replying to people in character and they canada goose outlet price are being entertained replying and reading my stories. Should I stop because they are fake? I not hurting anyone, and It really fun seeing how many downvotes/upvotes certain stories will get. canada goose gloves uk Sometimes people get super invested in this stories too. I have never accepted any money or gifts from canada goose outlet the sadder ones so I not doing it for pity money. But because of their popularity sometimes I do have people calling me out cheap canada goose bodywarmer on them being fake, which of course I deny. But canada goose factory sale lately it been getting me to thinking that I an asshole and I should stop. Am I? canada goose

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes. So today after school I confronted Dave. I walked up to him when he was alone and said in a calm and collected manner “Hey, I’m sorry for swearing at you but what you did was wrong I was surprised and I hope you can understand why I did it”. He follows up with a “Oh, it was just a joke you stupid homophobic N Word” ( I’m black btw). I walked away without saying anything with him laughing in the background.

cheap Canada Goose So I then went to the administration of my grade and told them about the issue. They had my friends as victims as well along with some witnesses. I asked them what will happen to him and they said he will most likely get suspended. cheap Canada Goose

AITAModI am a shared account.

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Getting way too close to reading like you living out that 4chan story. We not doing this. I leave it up but comments will not be open, and you are not allowed to post further updates on this topic.

cheap canada goose uk We not going to respond to (or even bother to read) direct PMs. Like, ever, but especially in this case. Modmail exists for a reason. But to hopefully head off some of the questions, let me expand. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose factory sale I encourage everyone to pop into some of the subs in the interpersonal conflict sphere as well as the “Ew, fat people” ones. One common thing you see is these almost certain fictional stories that feature these almost surreal caricature of people. They have clever nicknames assigned to them. They are episodic with multiple updates featuring “clever” titles. They just get more and more insane, never progressing in a more realistic way. This is one of those threads. It may be fun to read and I have fantastic news for you! There are a metric fuckton of subs that exist for exactly that. This is not now, nor will it ever be such a sub. That the beautiful thing about Reddit. What doesn have a home in one sub definitely will in another. I not posting dog pics in cat subs, OP isn posting his fat people fan fic in this one. Shoutout to /r/findareddit if you searching for a multi episodic fiction sub canada goose factory sale.

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