“UWU” was less about difficult reactive mechanics and more

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replica wallets Jb is pushing hard to make everything come out before the zeal replica bags official release. Jujutsu kaisen was never a priority for them until now. Meaning more mistakes in their translations. Aside from just being really hard in general, UCoB clear time was slowed by (a) extreme length, being an 18 19 minute fight meant lots of time re playing learned phases; (b) a mechanic around 10 replica bags buy online minutes in that took players a while to figure out; and (c) a fast paced and highly reactive second phase that best replica ysl bags ended lots of runs 4 6 minutes in until groups had it completely down and vigilant about max focus.SE scaled back on the fight length this time, shaving around 3 minutes off while generally speeding up the pace. “UWU” was less about difficult reactive mechanics and more about puzzle mechanics, where world racers had to continually go back and replica bags toronto re evaluate how they did earlier phases in order to fulfill a requirement needed later on. This approach was extremely well received, enjoyed both by the racers / streamers and by those following them, even though the fight itself once solved is not quite as difficult as UCoB. replica wallets

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