Assay validation methods are completed to ensure that an

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canada goose BioMark Diagnostics Inc. (CSE:BUX) said on Tuesday that its designated analytical service provider Biopharmaceutical Research Inc (BRI) has completed the raw data collection for the 200 patient trial using an internal standard developed for BioMark canada goose outlet in usa that meets Health Canada and US FDA standards.The leader in next generation cancer diagnostics using metabolites said a data canada goose jacket outlet transfer specification agreement has been signed with BRI for the raw data to be sent to a biostatistician and the regulatory group in Manitoba for further analysis and review prior to formulating a comprehensive report for Health Canada.The internal standard for the assay analysis was established by BRI, and meets US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada requirements.The trials were conducted in Canada and Bangladesh and focused on lung, breast and GI cancers.Assay validation methods are completed to ensure that an analytical methodology is accurate, specific and reproducible over the specified range that a target will be analysed. Assay validation provides an assurance of reliability during normal use.”BioMark anticipates to prepare and submit a detailed report to Health Canada by end of this summer 2016. canada goose

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