Horribly bloated menus and UI layering/general design

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Matt Murphy kicked his habit nine months ago, and has become an anti nicotine advocate himself. His biggest message to teens thinking of vaping? “It is way easier to prevent than it is to stop,” he said. “If you never dig yourself a hole, you never have to climb out of the hole.

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Forced dialogue. Almost non existent sprint speed in town when you have to constantly run around to progress and talk to npcs. Horribly bloated menus and UI layering/general design. Hope this point of view helps!The problem with this kind of thing is that pools and edge do not translate this way whatsoever. To be an Olympic sprinter you would be specialized in some kind of athletics/sprinting skills.Pools in the Cypher system represent a player character who is capable of prolonged performances of diverse feats of ability.Think about a person who capable of out running an Olympic sprinter one day, pulling a 747 by hand a few hours later, and then painting a masterpiece in the afternoon all just by trying really hard a few times. And then sleeping for a few days and doing it all over again.

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