Chicago based Brookfield owns Fashion Place mall

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canada goose uk black friday Officials with a Utah mall where two people were wounded Sunday in a gang related shooting are acknowledging that a false fire alarm that went off seconds before the shooting created confusion.Brookfield Properties spokeswoman Lindsay Kahn canada goose outlet store quebec said Monday in a statement that two messages were played inside the Fashion Place mall in a suburb of Salt Lake City in short succession. The first message said the original alarm was false, but a second message after the shooting told people evacuate or take shelter.Kahn said it was an unfortunate coincidence and apologized.Chicago based Brookfield owns Fashion Place mall. Kahn says the company is reviewing security measures, but declined to disclose details.A Salt Lake City suburban mall where two people were wounded Sunday in a gang related shooting has reopened and was busy Monday with shoppers who say they aren’t canada goose kensington uk concerned about their safety.Sean Sasso stopped by canada goose black friday 2019 the Fashion Place mall in the suburb of Murray to do some quick shopping before going to work as a pharmacy technician. canada goose uk black friday

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