We were all crying! been to France

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buy replica bags So you know, replica bags from turkey same old Big Ben shit. Watching him play is the closest thing to Brett Favre we have in the NFL right now, I know people say Mahomes is but Mahomes is far more careful with the ball than Ben is. He just takes shots left and right without a damn, its fun replica ysl bags australia af to watch but can be infuriating as well.Rudolph is probably not the future, he was a sort of gimmick pick in my opinion, here a guy who was fringe first round and probably second round if it wasn the most QB heavy draft in recent history but dropped to the 3rd as a result of the volume of top tier QB Watching him play is good, he has a relatively good release but in preseason it seemed like progressing through a read took him awhile and he lacks the arm power of Ben by a significant margin buy replica bags.

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