You think I’m worried you called me “vegan”? I’m not even

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I was just perusing posts and became rather beguiled by her sublime effulgence. Never have I felt such a cascade of multifarious emotions wash over me. Each of her divine attributes like an individual arrow piercing my soul, only to leave me in a starry eyed state of admiration.

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Buss argues that the aggressive side of our nature is just an evolutionary directive, one of the many inborn methods by which we preserve ourselves, and to which we may owe our continued existence. Buss generally attributes aggressive acts as being mate retention strategies, since shows of dominance are attractive to females and we will present evidence that mass homicides in particular, motivated by a misguided attempt at highly visible dominance, and validation of it. Under the auspices of so called “precarious manhood,” the dramatic rise of these active shooter events may be the result of a contagion effect among an increasingly susceptible demographic in the midst of cultural shift away from historical precedents of a primarily patriarchal society.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Yeah that fucking inconsistent lmao. You just don see it. Sneaky performs under pressure, he beat AFS in fucking quarters last year. You think I’m worried you called me “vegan”? I’m not even vegan anymore that lasted a couple months, it’s a joke bc of the 69 my guy. Clearly you’re upset, truth sets you free but it’ll piss you off oh man, because you know you’re being dumb. Don’t try and act like the bigger person then deal out insults like a child Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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