The majority of people are distracted electro zombies

Clayton Police Seek Help to Identify Alleged Purse Thief PHOTO

The Clayton Police Department appreciates the assistance from the community and would like to remind canada goose jacket outlet everyone to be vigilant in safeguarding your property.

I canada goose outlet store do canada goose outlet canada the same thing. I have too many expensive lotions and chapstick to be letting someone Canada Goose Online steal my dang purse (please note sarcasm). The majority of people are distracted electro zombies, which makes purse snatching a buy canada goose jacket renewed source of cash for thieves.

Try to bring minimal with you if you can. Get a cell phone wallet to hold your id and cards. People are more daring due to lack of accountability and lack of prosecution of petty theft crimes. Not a conspiracy FACT.

No one deserves to be robbed, but it happens and will keep happening. Just like anything, take preventative measures. Your Sephora will then remain safe goodness. I love that stuff!. :) .

I never, ever leave my purse in the shopping cart. It is always on my canada goose outlet uk sale shoulder in the store. This just Canada Goose Parka the reason that I do that. It only takes a second for a thief to strike. And I as much as I would like to say that I should be able to put my purse in the cart and have it be that is just not the way the world works. People with little or no morality or conscience abound. I would rather not give them the opportunity to steal my purse.

I am surprised at the number of people who leave purses, etc. canada goose store on the sink counter in public restrooms while they are in stall. Again, it would only take seconds for the purse to be stolen.

I sorry for the victim and the hassle she has to go through to deal with the theft. That sucks.

Nope, just a reminder for others, and those who may not have had to think of it before. Not chastising the victim at all. She knows better now. Not all canada goose outlet new york city of us realize yet that we can turn our backs for a split second, or chase canada goose outlet parka down a fleet Canada Goose Coats On Sale footed snatcher who grabbed our purse from under our noses and and run. It makes us anxious and worried for our fellow citizens. It didn used to be this way. I can carry stuff with my hands, canada goose clearance so my bags have shoulder straps long enough to cross over my body. Just a suggestion.

I am certainly not perfect. But having gone through the hassle of replacing everything in purse (DL, CC etc), So, I try to limit the opportunity for a thief to commit a crime. And my experience was before internet and the rise in identity theft and it was still awful. I do feel compassion for the victim and all the hassle she has to go through to replace canada goose clearance sale what was lost. I would also advise her to file ID theft forms with IRS and FTB as a precaution.

My daughter got me a Tile for Christmas. Maybe I put it in the purse.

People leave their purses unattended all the time. This morning at Safeway a couple was shopping and was using two carts. They had stopped with the carts side by side blocking isle and then had wandered back up the isle to have a discussion about what flavor of butter or yogurt they wanted. I saw that one of them had left her purse open and in the top basket of the cart. I had to put both hands canada goose uk outlet on the cart to move it over slightly so I could squeeze past. Her iPhone was at the top of the pile of stuff she had in her purse. They never once glanced up to see what I was doing.

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