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uk canada goose outlet My husband is a canada goose outlet Marine. Just lookat any uniform and you will see this is so. The stars always lead the way. Hello, I have talked to people and fellow veterans about the US flag beingworn backwards on military uniforms, I found that most averagepeople and some veterans are not aware of it. I wrote toCongressmen, Senators, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefsand everybody up to and including the Vice President. I requested aCongressional Inquiry. I wrote to news organizations and started apetition on The White House website titled Defend Our AmericanFlag. Soldiers who served after 2003 say that the backward flag patchlooks as a flag would look on a staff being carried forward intobattle and worn the normal way looks as if they cheap canada goose mens are retreating. Ican respect that. But the millions of veterans and the millions ofdead soldiers who served prior to 2003 served and fought topreserve the flag and what it represents. That flag preserves theLiberties which we all take for granted, Free Speech, Free Press,Freedom of Religion, Right to Bear Arms, etc. And if you think theboys on Omaha Beach look as if they are retreating then you must befrom a different country than me. Now, after hundreds of thousands of US troops have rotated back toThe canada goose coats United States they bring this doctrine home. It isall over the television. Many people, organizations, businesses and even governmentbuildings across the Nation displayed the flag every way but theproper way. Then, in 1923 a Congressional Committee came up withThe Flag Code so that every American knew the proper way to displaythe flag. Every citizen should be familiar with The Flag Code andevery soldier should know it inside and out. I had to learn it whenI was in the Army for a Soldier of The Month canada goose outlet paypal Board. Read US Army Regulations 840 10 Chapter 2, “The Union (blue fieldand stars) will always be at the top and on the flags own right.”Then read United States Code Title 4. Then read United States CodeTitle 36 Chapter 10, subsections 175 and 176. But nobody looked canada goose jacket outlet toronto atthe regulations and nobody spoke up for the flag. If I do not speakup for the flag, who will? Most people simply do not care. Manypeople feel that I should not say anything and since I am a nobodywhat could I know anyway. I can only say it is not about me, oryou, or how cool someone thinks the flag looks when this way orthat way, canada goose outlet store uk it is about The Flag. US Code and US Army Regulations provide for a flag patch on theuniform sleeve. But not backwards! That is disrespectful. You neversee any pictures of US troops in The Revolutionary War, War of1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, Mexican War, World War I,World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War wear the US flag patch anyway but the proper way, with the Union at canada goose outlet shop the flags’ own right. Nosoldier, nor any General can change the US flag by simply changingthe wording and the meaning of “the flags’ own right” in aDepartment of The Army (DA) pamphlet. It takes a CongressionalCommittee to do that. United States Code and US Army Regulationssupersede the DA pamphlet, or any other DA pamphlet. Try reading AR 840 10 Chapter 2, the first paragraph. “2 1. canada goose jacket outlet a. The union of the flag, and the flag itself when incompany with other flags, is always given the honor position; forexample, the marching right, the flags’ own right or an observersleft facing the flag.” Notice that word “always”. And I’d say that display of the flagtakes precedence over wear of the uniform. “AR 670 1 21 18. flag embroidered insignia a. flag embroideredinsignia on utility and organizational uniforms, unless deployed orin a field environment. Soldiers will wear the subdued tacticalflag insignia while deployed or in a field environment. b. How worn. See DA Pam 670 1.” “DA PAM 670 1 21 18. flag embroidered insignia. a. Description. flag embroidered insignia(full color) are red, white, and blue. The size is approximately 2inches by 3 inches. b. How worn. flag insignia (full color or subdued) isworn on the right shoulder pocket flap of utility uniforms andcold weather jackets. The flag insignia is placed directly on topof the hook and loop faced pad already provided on the uniformsshoulder pocket flap. flag insignia is worn asdirected by the commander under tactical field conditions. flag embroidered insignia is worn so that the star field facesforward, or to the flags’ own right. When worn in this manner, theflag is facing to the observers right and gives the effect of theflag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward. Theappropriate replica for the right shoulder sleeve is identified asthe reverse side flag.” As I said when the Union (star field they call it) is forward onthe right sleeve it is not in the place of honor at “the flags ownright”, where according to US Code Title 36 Chapter 10 and US ArmyRegulation 840 10 Chapter 2 it should “always” be. Also, in mostcases soldiers wear only the flag on the right sleeve and no flagon the left. canada goose online shop germany You are aware of this, now as a Soldier I charge you to do yourduty and report this unlawful order to your chain of command andhelp me return the honor and respect due our National Symbol, theFlag of the United States of America. DA PAM 670 1 Chapter 21 18 is an unlawful order and I do not wishto see our National Symbol forever changed. I do not mean anydisrespect to our troops or Veterans. But I do care about OurAmerican Flag. I feel that if General Patton were alive today hewould rip that patch off of the first soldier he saw and fine him$100 for disrespecting the US flag and for not knowing the US Armyregulations about displaying the flag properly. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Merry Christmas, Sincerely, Timothy Thompson Endicott, Washington (MORE) uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap its a sleev abowt 2 inches on ur finger for basketball mainly to look cool AI weres them (The above post just shows that people should be forced to learn to spell before posting on the Internet. The first person does a poor job of commanding the English language. And their answer is also off. Finger sleeves do look cool and all; however, they serve a greater purpose. Finger sleeves aid in the prevention of causing discomfort, or worse a sprain when you jam your finger on a ball) (MORE) buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canadian goose jacket Shooting sleeves are meant to help players practice their shots on their own. Shooting sleeves are also know as rebounders or hoop chutes. The shooting sleeve attaches to the bottom of the rim and has a directional design that is meant to bring the ball back to the player. A shooting sleeve does nothing to return airballs canada goose jacket uk or missed shots. (MORE) canadian goose jacket

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canada goose black friday sale It is better to wear long sleeves when it is cold enough outside that exposed skin would canada goose outlet toronto be uncomfortable with the temperature. Also, you may choose to wear long sleeves when it is not as cold out as a fashion statement, which is all a matter of personal preference. Nando de Colo Nemanja Nedovi Nicolas Batum Ognjen Kuzmi Omri Casspi Patrick Beverley Perry Jones III Peyton Siva Quincy Acy Quincy Pondexter Reggie Evans Ricky Rubio Robin Lopez Rodney Stuckey Ronald Pascual Ryan Gomes Sebastian Telfair Serge Ibaka Shabazz Muhammad Steven Adams Taj Gibson Tim Duncan Tim Hardaway Jr. Toney Douglas Tony Allen Tony Snell Tyler Zeller Tyshawn Taylor Wesley Johnson (MORE) canada goose black friday sale.

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