I know when it come to files for complaints in child care you

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canada goose uk black friday It actually an interesting example of how, in a complex reality, ethical and certainly legal principles canada goose outlet online store review are sometimes difficult to draw in rigid, absolute bright lines.If the masseuse or some other participant is a minor, does protecting her privacy outweigh the public interest in transparency at trial? I think a lot of reasonable minds would say it does.I don know enough about this case or about the relevant case law to have an opinion on whether this specific video should or should not be released, either from a legal POV nor a public policy POV.Most requests are too vague, or they ask for things that arent available, aren tracked reliably (especially if the request goes back more than 5 years) or are asked in a way that doesnt actually give someone the information they looking for.I a lot of these cases, people with particular expertise have to manually go through large files/ datasets and redact certain information, which is both time consuming and costly. Government entities arent staffed with extra people just hanging around to handle this stuff so you also run into man power issues.I give you an example, but forgive its lack of specifics. I was handed an open records request that came from a local news station. I could infer from the request what they were trying to get at, but it wasn what they asked for. Not really their fault, they dont live in the insurance/risk management world. I pointed this out internally, they said to pull data based on the request because that what we legally obligated to do. We could literally get into trouble and seen as obstructing/not complying with the law to do otherwise.I canada goose outlet boston reached out to them anyway. Tried to explain this to them in a way that would keep me out of trouble, but spur them into something their request. Of course, they didn want to listen to some lowly government employee who they thought was just trying to interfere with their “investigation”. So, they got exactly what they asked fir, then complained that it wasn what they wanted.Eventually they submitted a second request based on my suggestion, and I pulled the information, but the wasnt anything to support cheap canada goose their angle. Quite canada goose cleaning uk the opposite actually, the data showed that the county was doing a great job canada goose outlet online and reducing costs to the tax payers. canada goose outlet store near me Do you think that actually made the news though?Edit: canada goose outlet in vancouver This is based on my personal experience. We have no specific person to get the information so it usually a legal aid or some admin. The information must be canada goose uk regent street provided as requested and to not assume what they want. As an example we had a legal case and the uk canada goose jackets attorney requested the complaint associated with the guy. We had other complaints that were similar but not his. It was not requested so he did not get it (I imagine the attorney asked for more or did not need it so that why he didn ask).Also information is provided in the format we store it in. If you want a list of X but it cannot be generated how you want it, that too bad. We are not legally required, and we wouldn anyway, to create something for you.You can either get a list with no details or https://www.amigosdecontreras.es a bunch of files, we dont have it in any other format.We handle sensitive information like HIPPA and info on children so depending on what you want you might not be able to get it. I know when it come to files for complaints in child care you have to physically come down and you cannot get copies. Read the file all canada goose outlet las vegas you want but you are monitored so no pictures or copies can be made. He was accused of soliciting prostitution from women who were the victims of sex trafficking. The general picture people get from that headline is this old man having sex with a young women who is chained to a bed and can’t speak English.It was until almost a week later that the real info is given out. He got a handjob or blowjob from a two 50 year old ladies who he was already acquaintances with who are part owners of the massage parlor. Neither of them is a victim of sex trafficking. There have been no charges of sex trafficking at all in the case and judging by canada goose black friday sale was the DA has said, there might not be any.Regardless, the vast majority of people won’t know the specific of the case, they’ll just remember the original headline. Kraft admitting some sort of guilt will just be spun into him admitting that he knowingly solicited prostitution from a sex slave canada goose uk black friday.

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