aquote from traffic engineer Sam Schwartz

Build Walkable Towns Cities for Your Children

you don want to lose your children build canada goose outlet online walkable town centers. aquote from traffic engineer Sam Schwartz, who was the headliner for canada goose clearance sale a canada goose outlet uk Reconnect Rochester lecture on transforming the transportation network in Rochester. Sam nickname is Sam because he credited for coining the term I like to call him Bono, because in my circles he revered for advocating for canada goose outlet parka streets that are made for people (and not just cars) at a time when the country was deconstructing communities to make room for faster traffic.

Hisquote about losing your canada goose factory outlet childrenrefers tothe shift in canadian goose jacket the Millennial generation away from driving and toward living in walkable places. If you want your kids to grow up and stay or come back to canada goose uk outlet your town, give your kids things to walk/bike to and alternative ways to get there so they don canada goose outlet nyc have to always rely on a car.

on, Sam. Because all this high speed traffic is canada goose outlet killing pedestrians. It making it impossible for our kids to have independence. I missed his point. But I carried that Canada Goose Parka around with me for a weekbefore his lecturewhenI realized he was referring to our children moving away, not being killed by cars (in or out of them).

In the nation quest to move more traffic through our streets faster, our official canada goose outlet canada goose factory sale kids have lost the ability to move around.

Not all kids. If you are lucky enough canada goose outlet to live in canada goose one of the few truly walkable places in our country, your kids can walk and bike to things with their friends. But a recent study shows that only 14% of neighborhoods in the US to be at once affordably priced, walkable, and near decent schools. We can send our kids off toadulthoodafter driving them around everywhere and expect them to know how to magically navigate bus systems, cities and campuses. Letting them roam in safe, age appropriate ways with you, their friends or alone is an important step in their development. Giving our uk canada goose kids things to walk/bike/take mass transit to canada goose jacket outlet and the safe infrastructures to do soare vital to nurturing them to become independent adults.

Why aren more people angry and talking about this?Why aren more parents participating inActive Transportation Plans, future vision planning and public input sessions for proposed development? We, canada goose outlet uk sale as citizens, have a say. We, as parents, should stand up for our canada goose coats kids ability to move around independently and for our childrens health. Imagine the impact we could have on obesity if we just made our communities more walkable!

Parents: I love to hear your thoughts.

Did you have to choose between canada goose outlet reviews a walkable neighborhood, safe schools and/or affordable housing?

(You know my thoughts already. We live in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in cheap canada goose the area, but speeding traffic is a constant and frightening undercurrent ruling our lives and safety.)

Wondering what canada goose outlet store uk you can do in your own neighborhood? Visit the Streets for the People Resources Page for a list of Active Transportation Plans in the region, as well as resources on traffic calming, crash statistics, etc. Drop me a line or leave a comment and I be happy to help you connect with people in your community striving to make our neighborhood streets safer for all.

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