Now everyone knows what bokeh is because of the phone camera

National Camera Day

While none of us had circled on our calendar as a big thing, it a good opportunity to take stock of what cameras we use and why. So we polled the ExtremeTech staff to offer you this roundup of how each of us currently approaches our photography and our choice canada goose coats of cameras. It turns out we cover quite a range Canada Goose sale of canada goose jacket outlet possibilities, from iPhone and Android smartphones up to multi thousand dollar DSLRs. Cardinal

David Cardinal: Nikon D850Every time I buy a DSLR I think it will be the last, and that smaller, lighter, options will make them obsolete. But for me, not canada goose outlet jackets yet. I love the full frame sensor on the D850 (pictured, top), which lets me get great image quality even in low light. And for me, Nikon controls are more intuitive than those on similar Canon or Sony models. That means I faster at getting the shot which is essential for wildlife and sports photography. Nikon also has an unsurpassed selection of compatible lenses, so I can fit my camera out for just about any kind of photography.

Interchangeable Lens Cameras (DSLR and Mirrorless) are still the best way to capture action at a distance, like this 560mm shot with a D850, 200 canada goose outlet nyc 400mm lens, and Teleconverter.

Nikon has also merged some of the best aspects of its prior DSLRs into canada goose outlet online this one model. It has the super capable 153 point Autofocus from the D5, shoots at 7fps in a nice upgrade from the D810, and features a class leading 45MP sensor that can still grab images at ISOs up to 25,600. If Nikon wants its DSLRs (and potential full frame mirrorless models) to stay relevant, though, they going to need to move faster to incorporate the innovations found in smartphone cameras. Now that my phone can do HDRs, focus quickly, and makes capturing panoramas super easy, there are less situations that require lugging a 2+ pound camera and expensive lenses. It even possible to do some really interesting safari photography with a smartphone now, like I did on a canada goose outlet recent trip to Africa with a Pixel 2 and Mate 10 Pro.

Ryan Whitman: Google Pixel 2 XLI have a somewhat expensive camera a Sony a6000. canada goose outlet However, that exclusively for work. I only use it when I have to take high resolution photos of phones and other devices I writing about. I don think I ever used it to take a personal photo because smartphone cameras have just gotten so good. Specifically, the photos I get from the Pixel cheap canada goose 2 XL constantly blow me away.

The Pixel 2 XL has an optically stabilized 12.2MP main camera with phase detection and laser autofocus. There no secondary camera module like so many other high end phones, but the Pixel isn about gimmicks. It about taking stunning photos with the power of computational photography. I used phones with fancy triple camera systems that can touch the Pixel 2 XL with its single sensor.

The key to making this camera amazing is Google HDR+ system, which addresses the shortcomings of mobile image sensors. Even the best smartphone cameras have small lenses, so they can pull in very much light. Taking longer exposures mitigate this, but then you end up canada goose outlet store uk with blurry images. Optical stabilization in the camera can help with that, but you still left with noise from the small smartphone sensor.

Ryan Whitman love the convenience of his Pixel 2 XL for taking shots like this one.

HDR+ changes the calculation by capturing multiple quick burst shots every time you snap a photo. Google uses AI to align each pixel in the photo and replace the pixels with an average across all the shots. You end up with sharper images with amazing dynamic range. That means you can retain detail in both light and dark areas of the frame. HDR+ can also reduce noise to almost nothing without causing a effect like other camera apps.

The Pixel 2 XL consistently takes the best photos I seen from a smartphone. When most other phones would offer up a poorly exposed mess of noise and blur, the Pixel comes canada goose factory sale through. It impressive even in very low light or with harshly lit outdoor scenes. This is true of the Pixel 2 XL and the smaller Pixel 2, which has the same camera hardware. Even if Google doesn change the camera hardware on the Pixel 3, HDR+ ensures it will still be in the lead.

Grant Brunner: Apple iPhone 8Despite having plenty of experience with manual only SLRs and DIY photo development in college, almost all of my photography these days gets done with my smartphone. Specifically, I take my pictures with an iPhone 8. It doesn have a built in optical zoom or proper interchangeable lenses, but the convenience and ubiquity of buy canada goose jacket cheap a smartphone wins out for me every time. After all, I never leave my phone behind.

For snapshots, the built in camera app is canada goose outlet online uk just fine. But when I taking a picture at a particularly important moment, the extra precision and utility that Camera Plus 2 offers is hard to pass up. For just three bucks, I can shoot in RAW or TIFF, manually fine tune the exposure, and quickly touch up the photos on the go. It certainly not a necessary part of taking excellent pictures on an iPhone, but it is a handy tool with a very reasonable uk canada goose outlet asking price.

Grant Brunner takes some awesome shots like this one with his Apple iPhone 8, sometimes with a small tripod.

For added stability, I have a Joby GorillaPod with a smartphone grip for tabletop use. That same grip also attaches to a larger tripod, so that particularly useful for long exposures or video recording. I don use them often, but these accessories make more complicated shots feasible doubly so in low light environments.

A bevy of clamp on lenses do exist to modify the optics, but they tend to be exceedingly difficult to use with a case. And since disassembling the outer shell whenever I want to take a picture does away with much of the convenience, I simply don use them. Still, it a nice option for those of us who desperately need magnification or fisheye effects.

If I had gone down the path of professional photography, an SLR would be a no brainer. But even back in college, I knew that wasn the right Canada Goose Online fit for me. Instead, I leaned heavily on a high end point and click in years past, and now my phone handles my needs just fine. Sure, more control would be nice every now and them, but I very content with my current setup. If nothing else, I get fewer hecklers and puzzled expressions in public without the conspicuous neck strap and giant lens. And now that I got it, I have a ball whenever our family visits an arboretum, or a park with public artwork. It gives me something fun and geeky to do while we walk around, since I clearly can spend asingle minuteaway from fiddling with some kind of electronic gear or other.

I use an Olympus OM D E M10 mirrorless camera, along with several Micro Four Thirds lenses: the 14 42mmf/3.5 5.6 (28 84mm equivalent) kit zoom lens; a 40 150mmf/4.0 5.6 telephoto lens; and my favorite, a fast prime f/1.8 17mm lens (35mm equivalent) that my wonderful wife bought me for Christmas a few years ago. It with this latter lens that I learned basic things like using Aperture Priority mode to blur the background and get some real bokeh. Now everyone knows what bokeh is because of the phone camera wars, but several years ago I had no idea. Separate from that, I also experimented with a tripod at night and the 300mm equivalent telephoto lens to get some shots of the moon and whatever planets happen to be in view.

This alignment of the Moon and Venus was from New Year Day 2017, which I got with a tripod and the telephoto lens. It looks as good as it does because David Cardinal tweaked it for me.

I still learning, but I really enjoy tweaking shots after the fact using Lightroom; the sheer number of tools in the box is amazing. Apple Photos also delivers surprisingly good to my eye, possibly because it contains the leftover algorithms from Aperture, which is what used to be the main Lightroom competitor before Apple nixed it several years ago.

I also got an iPhone SE that I use for casual shots; before that, I had a Nexus 6P that had a much superior front facing camera, but a rear camera that was always too slow to capture my rapidly speeding up toddler. And I still have trouble squaring what platform I prefer for storing and maintaining photos. I bounced back and forth between Google Photos, Apple Photos, and Adobe Lightroom, canada goose outlet store and local versus cloud storage; all of them have their benefits and faults. Don be me; all that happens when you switch back and forth is you lose track of your favorite albums, and sometimes canada goose the metadata on photos get damaged. I still pruning duplicates from a Google Photos import gone awry and it been several years.

Bill Howard: Canon 7D Mk IISince ninth grade, I been shooting photos for non profits, professionally, and personally. Now, I shoot a uk canada goose lot of the car photos to accompany my ExtremeTech reviews. It fun to see if I can match the best photos in the PR handouts. A smartphone beats the snapshot cameras our parents and grandparents used; many were fixed focus and sometimes fixed exposure. I never without it on the road, but canada goose outlet canada I also carry a lot of gear.

My current road kit includes a Canon 7D Mk II plus a Canon 7D as backup and to have a second lens readily available.

Also in the bag are a Canon 600EX RT radio canada goose black friday sale controlled flash. a Canon ST E3 RT S Speedlight Transmitter (flash controller, allowing the flash to be used off camera for fill light), spare Panasonic rechargeable 2550 mAh AA cells, spare Canon camera batteries (expensive versus off brands, but reliable), and polarizing filters for each lens. canada goose outlet parka It all goes in a ThinkTank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive backpack that also holds a 15 inch laptop. I’m searching out carbon fiber tripod legs that fit in my carry on suitcase and a detachable pan head for video.

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